Beginners guide to Adsense – Part one


Well, This is the first part of the beginners adsense guide that i am going to write.This is meant only for those people who are new in this field and dont know anything about adsense. After having your adsense account accepted what to do next? Some very important points i am going to write.

  1. Make sure you have given correct postal address in your adsense account. Because all the communication will be done to that mailing address only
  2. When your account balance reaches 10$ amount, the adsense will send you a letter containing your “pin number” and it will start appearing in your adsense homepage to verify your account. Once you enter the pin nu. there the account gets verified.
  3. Never ever try to fool adsense by fraud clicks in ANY MANNER. Remember always, they are google, they will trace you and you will loose your account for ever.
  4. Read the TOS very carefully.
  5. Read on blogs about various keywords and try to write relevant post on it. Remember, just entering the keyword in channel wont bring that add but unless your page content is relevant on it then only those “high paying” ads will show up.
  6. Try to focus your article on keyword you have selected
  7. never try to bring fake traffic to your site. It will result in ban of your adsense account
  8. High paying keywords can be found on many blogs. just google for it
  9. better use only those keywords in which you are comfortable.
  10. make use of google webmaster tools, bing webmaster tool and yahoo. Add your site to these and enjoy real traffic from search engine.
  11. To improve google page rank, try to get backlinks from other webpages. For google, make sure the place where you are putting your blog link is dofollow. for other search engines it does not matter.
  12. Add your site to alexa. It shows valid rank of your site on the internet.
  13. Make proper use of meta tags, title, description [On site SEO]

This was the first part. More to come. Keep visiting


Vivek Sinha Anurag

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