Creating the first webpage of your website

I believe till now you have read about or know selecting your domain name, Booking web hosting for your website and linking domain name and hosting space using nameservers. Now you are ready to make the first appearance of your website.

How to upload files to your server

Well, this can be done easily using any ftp client or directly from the control panel of your hosting account. Lets discuss how to upload using ftp.

There are many free ftp softwares and almost all of them does the same task of uploading/downloading file using ftp [file transfer protocol]. I personally use filezilla. Reason is very simple, its very easy to use and it is free and it is available for windows, mac and linux. Download from here. After installing them you might wonder how to use it but thanks to filezilla team that they have put such a simple tutorial on their website that you can very easily follow. You may read the filezilla tutorial here. Just upload the files to yout public_html or www directory and you are done. Please note that you should create an index file that will be loaded first on opening the website and recommended name is index.html or index.php depending upon the language you are using for creating your website.

There are tons of ready-made templates are available for free which you can customize and upload. If you want to create a dynamic site then its better to use some cms [content management system] softwares. The best of all is wordpress that i am currently using for this website. I will discuss wordpres installation process in my next post. Hope this post of mine helped you in some way. Please let me know your doubts in comments section.

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