How to get a domain name for free if you do not wish to invest anything

In last post we discussed about gettingĀ domainĀ name for your website. After reading my post some of you emailed me asking if there are any ways to get a free domain name? Well the answer is yes. I keep posting various offers by various service providers whenever they offer any good deal or offer free domains.

There are many other good sub-domain providers which works almost the same as domain names but not professionally recommended. Still if one wish to go for it they can. The best of all is if you want to go for a short term. They offer domains free for 1 year. You will get a domain name like Another good option is that you may go for .tk domains. You will get a domain name as

There are tons of other good services which offers you free subdomains. You can see the detailed list here

Keep watching this blog and grab the opportunity when i post about free domain offers.

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