How to select and purchase a domain name for your website

In last post of mine i wrote the beginners guide on how to create a website and i just gave the basic idea of website creation.  If you want to read beginners guide to create a website then click here

In this post i will tell you how and where to book the domain names which are reliable and cheap as well.

What is a domain name?

Domain name is a name to your website. Without domain name your website will look like which is no doubt not at all user friendly. If your website is then you can easily remember it by the name

Suggestion for selecting a good domain name

There are few things that you should keep in mind while selecting your website name or domain name.

  • If you want to simply have a website on your name then you may have it but it is always better if you have a domain name which can be branded until you are not a famous personality. eg is good but is not recommended. Better go for something like
  • It is always good to have a short name which is a dictionary word and avoid including numbers in domain name however hyphens are acceptable but still without hyphens its better.
  • Make sure the domain name do not contain the name of any registered trademark. Eg is not recommended. The registered company can claim the domain and you will ne be able to do anything.
  • If you want to target any product or business then “keyword domain” is always good. I will discuss keyword domain in a separate post in detail. eg. If you want to create a website on shoes the go for a website containing that name.
  • Its good to have a website with good category type. Like if you want to create a blog on your name then go for .me domain name. Eg If you want to create a commercial site then go for .com domain
  • If you have a domain name which can be remembered easily then its good. Suppose you have a domain name It will be difficult for someone to remember it. Instead if you have a domain name like then its better. Its not that short domain names are always easy to remember. eg is not recommended but is recommended.
  • People believe that the best domain extension is .com and in general it is true.
  • Always try to have a domain name which describes website nature. eg if yourwebsite is on travel then is recommended but is not.

From where to get the domain names

There are uncountable service providers from where you can get domain name for cheap. My personal favorite is The simple reason is that they are very reliable and i always get the cheapest domain names from the,m I always register/renew domain name on godaddy by using discount coupons readily available all across the internet. I prefer for getting the discount coupons.

The next best as per my analysis is and

If you know some other good providers then feel free to share in comments section. I hope this post of mine was helpful to you. I will be writing about hosting in next post. If you like this then please bookmark it for future reference and share it with others.

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