Drive not opening on double click?? autorun.inf virus

Many time many of us have faced this problem that on double clicking the drives they don’t open instead it will ask to “open with” ..

what the hell.. how can u open your drives with some other soft??

its happening because your system is affected with some virus which has created autorun.inf file in your drives.

try to find the root cause of it.. some copy.exe virus or some stupid virus has caused it and is still active.

so open the task manager and see the process tab and try to identify the unknown process and click on end task after selecting it

process explorer from microsoft might help u if you are not good in these stuffs.. you may download it after googling for link

after killing the process delete its entry from startup too..[registry startup also]

then our task is to remove the autorun.inf file

click on start>run>then type cmd and press enter

type the following commands


attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf

del autorun.inf

repeat these commands for each drive you have

for changing drives in cmd you may type

like for d:

just type

d: and press enter

simple 🙂

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