removing virus manually

Virus Problems..

common symptoms..
1.folder options will not be visible
2.taskmanager disabled
3.regedit disabled
4.on double clicking on any window.. it will open in new window even if your settings are correct
etc etc..
Tools required
1.restriction removal tool
4.process explorer
from microsoft site

If your pc is affected with some virus the most common of all is your folder otion will be disabled,you may not be able to open task manager, etc etc..

now 1st step is to identify the virus process
process explorer will help u and u may see the path of the installed file on ur system

now use restriction removal tool to remove the task bar ..folder option restrictions…etc…

now our aim is to remove the running virus process..
use hijackthis and select the virus process. it will remove the process from startup registry also..

finally try unhackme.. to remove the rootkits

many virus can be removed in this way but many still remain on ur pc.. in such situations.. try to google for its removal methods manually.. once the restrictions are removed u may be able to use taskmanager and able to use regedit command

Restriction Removal Tool [RRT]

Simple to Use

Just click on restriction

and after selecting them click on “Check All”

Hijack This

Its used to remove the entries of the process from registry.

You may use this to view all the running process and their path.

Just scan once..mark the ones to be deleted and then click on “fix checked”

if you wish you may save the log file also

I think i have give useful information about removing viruses manually from your system
still if you find some problem you are free to contact me either through my communities
1.Hacking and Virus Writing []
2.Virus Writing []
or through mail.

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