Playing With Desktop.ini
Here are some ways via which you can spice up the look within your folder.

1. Start with the basics

You need to have a Desktop.ini file created within the folder or the partition;
where you want to perform the tricks.

Normally, a folder contains a Desktop.ini, but its presence is not necessary
you might need to create that file

You can perform Step 2. “Activate the file ” to create the file automatically

Or :.

Open Notepad, then save the file in the required folder with File Name
Desktop.ini, and then close it.

Open the folder; you will see the newly created file.

2. Activate the File

The newly created Desktop.ini, needs to be activated in the registry
You can activate the file, by another method also.

Right-click the folder and select properties
Click the Customize tab and then click change icon
Select any random icon.

You can change it later on


Add the following snippet in the first line of Desktop.ini


3. Now Start the Play

I. Applying Icons to folder and partitions.

This is the easiest scene of the play, as I’ve told earlier
in the ” Activate the File ” section, how you can change icons.
You can browse for more icons,
Any exe, bmp, icon file will be a source for icons

You can create your own icons, by
Converting a bmp file to an ico file
by using this tool

Tip, If you are using an icon file, then it is advised to have that
Icons file within the folder, and then replace the following lines
in the Desktop.ini




Where, icon is the name of the icon file

II. Applying Wallpapers within Folder

Add the following code within the Desktop.ini file


Where bg.jpg is the wallpaper you want to apply to the folder
It should be present within the folder
the dimensions of bg.jpg varies with the resolution and explorer view
Here are some of the dimensions

800 X 600 – classic view = 750 X 480
800 X 600 – modern view = 590 X 480
1024 X 768 – classic view =1000 X 635
1024 X 768 – modern view = 815 X 635

You might need to adjust a little bit.

III. Applying Album Art in bulk

It might not be possible for a guy to apply the same
album art to dozens of mp3s, so you can actually
take a shortcut
create a picture titled folder. jpg in the folder
now all the mp3 or wma format files,
Which are not preoccupied by an album art;
will show this file as the album art.

a) Less tiresome method
b) Reduces the cache file, hence saves atleast 50 mb of HD space

IV. A Prank

Can two or more different Folder, have the same name ?
No ?
But If I show you, how to do so then…………
Well here is some prank which you can play with anybody
Just add the following code in Desktop.ini
add it in more than one folder


The new Folder’s name will be Rox’s Document
ie; Owner’s Dcument
Here, temp is the original folder name

Need Explanations ?

Obviously anybody will call it as a bug,
but I don’t think so
Actually, what happens here is that the folder name is not
ACTUALLY changed, it is just a mirage sort of thing
For, eg: the user’s folder like My Document
is just an example of this thing….. Its actual name is
Rox’s Document, where Rox is the UserName.

You just see what the explorer diverges to show you,
you can’t create another folder with the name temp
and thats why it is not a bug

You can change the persoalized number to get
another unique name, you can always check the Desktop.ini
file of some of the system folders like My Music , My Pictures

5 – My Document
13 – My Music
39 – My Picture
14 – My Videos

4. Wanna Restore ?

Simple, just delete the desktop.ini file.
And remove the particular entries for a stuff
like, the Icon, wallpaper… etc…

5. Problems?

Contact me

6. Sample Code

InfoTip=Rox’s Document

7. Download the collection

Add a comment,

8. Contact

Rox Macduff ( Virus Kraker )

Ankit ( Ankit .Cracker )

Article by Virus Kraker
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