TWEAKUI (Windows XP Powertoys)

TWEAKUI is one of the most known Windows Powertoys/Powertools (issued but not supported by Microsoft) to tweak the User Interface (UI). With this tool you are able to change settings, which aren’t reachable within Windows. As an example you can make changes to the desktop and start menu, which are not within reach unless you know how to make changes in the Windows registry.

The past time many (free and commercial) tweak applications have seen the light. Most of them have even more options then the Microsoft TWEAKUI tool. Essentially they all work the same, but with different interfaces. On this page I discuss the TWEAKUI tool, this tool doesn’t give many troubles when used improperly..
Download and setup TWEAKUI Powertoy

Besides TWEAKUI there are more Windows Powertoys available. You will find them here:

Here you will find the other powertoys too, most interesting powertoys are ALT-TAB Replacement (!), Power Calculator, ClearType tuner and the Virtual Desktop Manager).

Would you like more tweaking options then TWEAKUI can provide you? The most ultimate tweak utility is X-Setup (download: All known tweaks are available (and explained!) in this massive utility. At first, this application is a bit overwhelming, but that shouldn’t be a problem because of the provided Wizards.

Another interesting tweak utility is Doug’s Security Console (download:, this tool makes it easy to change many settings (especially security settings). With this tool you can prevent changes to the Windows settings by other users. In this context it can be useful to have a look at the the Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit (download: With this tool you are able to restore Windows to default settings after every reboot.

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