Top Linux Flavors You Should Try

Linux operating systems are attractive options in times of financial limits in cutbacks. Linux operating systems aren’t just an inferior “free” option, though. Many of them are also streamlined, easy to use and powerful. One of the elements that make many people feel intimidated about using Linux is that there are so many distributions (called Flavors) to choose from. These flavors are all the products of different creative teams and philosophies, but it doesn’t have to be hard to choose. Here is a list of some of the best Linux flavors available and how to determine whether each flavor is right for you.


Slackware is one of the oldest flavors of Linux, though it was once the most popular there was. Unlike some flavors, Slackware can be technically complicated, but it does have advantages. Slackware is an incredibly stable system, and considered the least buggy out of all of them. The downside of this stability is that the flavor is difficult to build on, and doesn’t have many applications. Slackware is popular OS for servers


Debian is an old flavor of Linux, dating back to the early nineties. However, it has come a long way. It is considered very stable and has a massive library of working software available. It comes in four stages from the experimental release to the final release, so those willing can take advantage of the cutting edge. For those who don’t like using under-construction software, the releases can be slow, meaning the final releases are usually outdated soon after release.


Fedora is a Linux flavor that has the advantage of being supported by a profitable company, while still respecting the free software community. Fedora is considered one of the more up-to-date flavors and has the most modern features and applications. Fedora is considered somewhat difficult to use for those who aren’t used to it.


Ubuntu is one of the newest flavors available for Linux, but is already immensely popular. It is also very easy to use and popular with users who are new to Linux. It also has a huge library of user-created documentation for those having trouble. It has a 6 month schedule of releases, which ensures that it has every feature that the modern and tech-savvy user is looking for. For some people, however, the rapidity of the updates and changes can be too much to remember.


These are the 5 most widely used Linux flavors, depending up the taste and user experience Linux users rate them over one another, however if you are just starting out with Linux my personal suggestion would be to go with Ubuntu as it is most user friendly and one can try it with with minimum effort as in windows.


Author Bio :Dave is a Internet marketing enthusiast and web designer working for Go Globe a Shanghai Web design firm.

Compare Mobile Broadband – 3G vs 4G

4g mobile broadband

For most of us, the internet has become a cornerstone of our lives and culture. Much of what we do and say is mediated by a vast network of connections. Until recently, access to this essential tool was essentially unmovable. Today, the processing power of phones has enabled us to take much of what we do on the internet with us anywhere we go. The type of connection you choose for your wireless device may seem like an afterthought, but it is in fact one of the most important decisions when considering wireless technology and wireless technology plans. After all, what good is a Lamborghini if all you have to drive on are dirt roads?

Third and Fourth Generation

When we compare mobile broadband deals and carriers, it must be understood that the two main options are 3rd Generation and 4th Generation, otherwise known as 3G and 4G. Each generation has its own standards and methods of handling data transmission. The time between the development of each generation has not been very long, but the differences in speed are incredible.

In terms of wireless broadband networks, think of 3G as a narrow dirt road, while 4G is something like a 10 lane super highway. The difference in speed is huge – a 3G connection maxes out at about 2 Mbps while a 4G connection can go even higher than 20 Mbps. This means 4G is potentially more than ten times faster than 3G.

Out with the Old

4G no longer depends on the archaic method of circuit switching which is based on old telephone systems. 4G communication is exclusively packet based, which means it is not bottle necked by the long out-dated phone system. On a 3G connection, the system’s available resources are dedicated equally to each connection, even if the open connection is not sending or receiving any information.

With 4G’s method of packet switching, resources are only used when there is an actual need for data transfer. There is no need to keep system resources on standby if they are not being used. Because of this change, 4G networks can handle more connections at the same time.

Handling the Masses

As mobile technology becomes more widespread, so too does the need for wireless broadband. More and more people are entering the wireless broadband market every day, and as they do, networks are increasingly burdened. 3G networks are very limited in their ability not only to handle multiple connections, but to provide adequate speed for each one. 4G, on the other hand, has utilized a number of new methods to not only handle more connections, but to also provide much higher speeds for each connection. In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet with each passing day, it is clear that when we compare mobile broadband deals across all providers, 4G technology is the main selling point.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert where he specializes in mobile phones, industry news and information, as well as how to compare mobile broadband deals.

Note: Photo courtesy of arabcrunchvia FlickR Creative Commons.

Top Ten Tips for Building a High Traffic Blog

High traffic blogs are the top priority of every web content developer, as this not only brings instant recognition with more visitors hitting your web site, you also get an added advantage of increased monetary returns. There is a sense of satisfaction as what you have exclusively created, has become popular. Getting high traffic for blogs however is not just coincidental or luck. You need to work that extra bit to direct traffic towards your blog. This can be mastered over a period of time. Here are the top 10 tips for building high traffic blogs:

increase blog traffic

1. Create noteworthy content: The content that is created on your blog should be worthy enough to be appreciated and read by millions of people. When they visit your blog, they should be compelled to recommend it to others and come back to your site in search of similar valuable content that you can provide them.

2. Post original content: Originality has its own place at the top of the pedestal even to this date. A genuine and class reader always appreciates original content and is drawn towards original work. Try to keep an original flavor to your blog to increase the number of readers.

3. Create evergreen content: Choose topics that do not fade away with the course of time. Some of the content on the Internet slowly begins to lose value as it becomes outdated. However, certain topics are always queried and every generation needs to be enlightened on such topics.

4. Create content with a human touch: It is better to always add a human touch to all your blogs as this brings a genuine interest to your blogs. One must agree that we need to also keep the search engine optimization in mind to improve our blog rankings.

5. Keep a purpose for your high-traffic site: Be aware as to why you wish to have a high-traffic site. This allows you to prioritize your purpose of writing, and bring out the best in your writing. Generally, write to create awareness and relate your thoughts to others exactly the way you want to.

6. Show your true self to your readers: When you show your real self to the audience, an original flavor is automatically infused into your writing and makes it unique and interesting. People understand more clearly what you are trying to depict. So write uninhibitedly and pour your thoughts as they flow crystal clear into your blog.

7. Put yourself into the situation and then write: Write whatever holds good for you, and be honest even if you are flowing against the tide. You realize what is true for you; will be true for others too.

8. Show respect and courtesy to your visitors: Whenever you are writing, envisage the visitor and consider him or her as your friend. This brings out the best human touch to your blogs.

9. Pay attention to how you earn rather than how much you earn: Your creativity and writing must speak for itself. It is extremely vital to watch how you earn money, and keep yourself grounded. If you keep running for more numbers, it may backfire.

10. Be sincere in your blogs: Keep growing as a human being and post some valuable content in your blogs sincerely. This will ensure that your ranking and traffic speeds up as days go by.

It is a definite challenge to building a high traffic blog. One must keep in mind all the details and priorities and then work systematically and diligently towards your goal. Remember there are no short cuts and the best way to achieving high traffic to your blogs is to work your way towards it.



About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is fond of writing on tech help and most expensive gadgets. She is all into computers and in recent times she learnt a lot about tablet computers. Beside this she love cars and she is a very big fan of Ferrari 458.


Blog Tips for a Better Blog: Struggling to Grow Your Blog?

Blog Writing

If you’re one of those avid bloggers who badly want their blogs to be hit, but despite all your hard work and dedication, if you’re still wondering what exactly is missing in your blog, then you must read this article that highlights at some crucial points necessary to grow exponentially. Blogging is a science as well as an art. To know what your readers want is the most crucial thing for your blog to succeed. If you follow blogging as a passion and are determined to make a mark, then you’re bound to succeed today or tomorrow. However, there are certain things you must always take care of to increase the traffic to your blog.

Write what you are crazy about:

You all must have heard that you need killer content that is original and insightful for your blog to distinguish itself from the crowd. While this is true, you cannot write something original and insightful about you are not interested in. So, select a niche which excites you, regarding whom you keep yourself updated and read extensively. It can be anything from movies, religion, sports, gossip, anything. Once your readers understand your authority over the content as well as grasp over the subject, they are bound to become your regular readers with time asking others with similar interests to join too.

Join communities related to your blog:

You cannot underestimate the importance of social networking in success of your blog. You can become successful in web space if you follow others, and others follow you. Joining such communities will help you understand the latest trends related to your blog topic, as well as the need of your readers. It will help you gain more insight into your subject, and you can become a master of your trade.

Know your audience:

You must understand what your readers want from you. You can ask the readers of your blog what content they expect from you. You can get important feedback from your readers regarding your blogs by using polls, suggestions and other tools on your blog. You must comment regularly on your blog and participate in active discussions.

Be SEO friendly:

You can complete an article on blogging without covering SEO. There are some basic things related to SEO right from the beginning of your blog. You must choose your own hosting platform as well as your own domain. You must ensure most important keyword related to your niche in the blog domain name. Have necessary keywords in your URL, blog title and in the content as well. Provide internal links to your pages. This helps in increasing the page rank of less popular pages.

Use blog tools:

There are some inevitable blog tools that will help you analyze your blog. Google Analytics is one of such free indispensable tools. It will tell you your most important keywords, sites linking to your blog pages and other such vital information. AddButton is another tool, which helps your readers share your blog with other people through social networking.

You have to be patient in blogging. Sometimes you might try a lot of things, and nothing may work. Other times, one simple change may reveal drastic results. It’s all about what works on your blog and what does not. At the end, it’s your determination and drive that matter the most.



About the author: Amanda Kidd is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology. Her articles include various aspects associated to hacking and currently she is working on a blog related to most expensive flip flops.


Juggling your Internet Devices

Today’s technological marketplace is a great place to be, with so many different gadgets and gizmos that allow us to enjoy the freedom and convenience of mobile connectivity. From smartphones to tablets and all points in-between, there does seem no end to the exciting world of electrical products out there.


Little wonder then that the growth of internet usage is now greater than ever before, with many of us preferring to ditch our traditional desktop computers and move towards a more mobile way of carrying out our internet activities. Even the deals that offer ‘mobile broadband with free laptop’ that you see online aren’t being snapped up quite as hotly as they used to be, because many people are seeing the smartphone as the only tool they need.

All change

Of course, things have also been changing quite dramatically since the arrival of the tablet computer too, with the Apple iPad kicking things off and inspiring a wave of rival devices to hit the marketplace. The great thing with tablet computers and also the smartphone is that it has broadened the range of choice for people who need to use the internet and email on a daily basis.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Better still, these gadgets all allow the consumer to enjoy much more choice and flexibility on the sort of operating system they use too. Indeed, unlike traditional computers that were largely dominated by the Windows OS for many years, people can now change to an operating system that meets their needs. As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of the Google Android OS on both smartphones and tablets.

Another angle

Right now, there are numerous operating systems and many different tablets to choose from – meaning that selecting one can be tricky. Added to that, many smartphones now offer such a powerful computing experience that many of us think that a handset like this can do all we want, and more besides, with the ultimate in portability. The downside? Well, smartphones are small and even with a decent sized screen, the smartphone can be a little limiting when it comes to staying productive.



Naturally then the tablet device is filling the gap been a laptop and a smartphone perfectly. However, thanks to increasing competition in the marketplace it is now becoming possible to get deals that bundle not only a smartphone but also a tablet into one portable package. That sort of choice ticks all of the boxes for many people so there’s simply no need to juggle with the choice of which internet enabled device to get.

This post was contributed by Rob Clymo, who writes on behalf of, the online consumer portal for researching offers for laptop deals and the latest choices in netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

DOT Banned all major files sharing sites in India

DOT Banned all major filesharing sites in India including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This decision seem to be strange because still there are many porn sites are exploiting indian culture and they are not taken care of. This is major setback for these big hosting companies because India is one of the major source of web traffic to these sites. As per some officials this action was taken in order to prevent piracy.

DOT Banned all major files haring sites in India but it seems like none of the India netizens are supporting govt’s move of blocking the site. Slowly Indian govt is becoming more like Chinese govt but frankly telling you that govt is not capable of blocking these sites.

How to unblock the file sharing sites blocked in India

Unblocking these sites are not a big deal at all. All you need is some freeware tools that i discussed in some of my old posts where i told about using proxy, Using Tor, and other method of unblocking blocked sites. The simplest and best method is using ultrasurf.

I hope this post of mine have helped you. If you face any problem then feel free to comment.

Do not use domain name : Google banned domains

On 30th June 2011 Google Banned domain and it resulted all the subdomains got delisted from google search results. This was a very big loss for many bloggers who was depending on free domains from All the hardwork done by the hardworking bloggers is lost now. This is one of the reason why you should not rely on free domain names and hostings. banned

As we all know that names were badly used for spamming purpose and they were unable to work on this regard hence google was left with no choice than to penalize this domain. Now the people who were using service are left with no other option that to move to either paid domains or some other free subdomain service. But the worst part is that the entire work done for backlinking and other off site SEO works is lost with this move of google banning domain.

Those who are on blogspot originally can very well use the blogspot subdomain and continue the the blogging but i suggest you to get a nice domain for you. You can get a domain name just for a dollar from godaddy.

Awesome opportunity to purchase a domain name : 1$ domain

I hope you have read my other post about selecting a domain name and i hope you already have decided some good domain name by now. If not then i suggest you to decide quick as there are some pretty cool offers on domain names are available.

Offer 1:

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Offer 2: Is Offering 1$ Domain For 1 Year
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You may also avail there 1st month free webhosting with dedicated ip address.

But please note that renewal charges are higher if you go for doteasy. Thus i would recommend you should go for godaddy. If you want to read more about selecting webhosting then read this post.