Hamfest India 2013 on September 21, 22 at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

hamlogoAt the heart of any innovation is knowledge and for knowledge to spread, it must be shared. Any Hamfest, of course provides excellent opportunity for gaining both practical and theoretical knowledge about advancements in the field of amateur radio communication. Hamfest 2012 at Chennai was a huge success.

From its humble beginnings at Kuttikkanam, Kerala, Hamfest has evolved into a technical but casual gathering of all hams in India. For the first time Hamfest comes to Northern part of India.

Hamfest India 2013 is scheduled to take place at Atal Bihari Vajpayee IIITM, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on September 21, 22, 2013.

Registration Fee (For one person):

  • Early birds (Valid till 1 August 2013): Rs. 500
  • From 1 August to 15 September: Rs. 800
  • On-spot registrations: Rs. 1000

Registration Fee (For couple):

  • Early birds (Valid till 1 August 2013): Rs. 800
  • From 1 August to 15 September: Rs. 1200
  • On-spot registrations: Rs. 1000 each

Note: The registration fee for the candidates from SAARC countries is same as above. For those not from the SAARC countries, the registration fee is $50 per person.

Bank Account Information

Beneficiary Name: Hamfest India 2013
Bank Name: State Bank of India, Zonal Office Campus City Center, Gwalior,  MP (474011)

Bank Account No.: 32834998467

Account Type: Savings account

IFSC Code: SBIN0004352

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For more information please visit Hamfest India 2013

Route Map

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Top Linux Flavors You Should Try

Linux operating systems are attractive options in times of financial limits in cutbacks. Linux operating systems aren’t just an inferior “free” option, though. Many of them are also streamlined, easy to use and powerful. One of the elements that make many people feel intimidated about using Linux is that there are so many distributions (called Flavors) to choose from. These flavors are all the products of different creative teams and philosophies, but it doesn’t have to be hard to choose. Here is a list of some of the best Linux flavors available and how to determine whether each flavor is right for you.


Slackware is one of the oldest flavors of Linux, though it was once the most popular there was. Unlike some flavors, Slackware can be technically complicated, but it does have advantages. Slackware is an incredibly stable system, and considered the least buggy out of all of them. The downside of this stability is that the flavor is difficult to build on, and doesn’t have many applications. Slackware is popular OS for servers


Debian is an old flavor of Linux, dating back to the early nineties. However, it has come a long way. It is considered very stable and has a massive library of working software available. It comes in four stages from the experimental release to the final release, so those willing can take advantage of the cutting edge. For those who don’t like using under-construction software, the releases can be slow, meaning the final releases are usually outdated soon after release.


Fedora is a Linux flavor that has the advantage of being supported by a profitable company, while still respecting the free software community. Fedora is considered one of the more up-to-date flavors and has the most modern features and applications. Fedora is considered somewhat difficult to use for those who aren’t used to it.


Ubuntu is one of the newest flavors available for Linux, but is already immensely popular. It is also very easy to use and popular with users who are new to Linux. It also has a huge library of user-created documentation for those having trouble. It has a 6 month schedule of releases, which ensures that it has every feature that the modern and tech-savvy user is looking for. For some people, however, the rapidity of the updates and changes can be too much to remember.


These are the 5 most widely used Linux flavors, depending up the taste and user experience Linux users rate them over one another, however if you are just starting out with Linux my personal suggestion would be to go with Ubuntu as it is most user friendly and one can try it with with minimum effort as in windows.


Author Bio :Dave is a Internet marketing enthusiast and web designer working for Go Globe a Shanghai Web design firm.

DOT Banned all major files sharing sites in India

DOT Banned all major filesharing sites in India including Rapidshare.com, mediafire.com, Megaupload.com, Mediafire.com, Megavideo.com, VideoBB.com, Novamov.com, Movshare.net, Putlocker.com, Hotfile.com, Fileserve.com, Filesonic.com, Filesonic.in, Depositfiles.com, Wupload.com.

This decision seem to be strange because still there are many porn sites are exploiting indian culture and they are not taken care of. This is major setback for these big hosting companies because India is one of the major source of web traffic to these sites. As per some officials this action was taken in order to prevent piracy.

DOT Banned all major files haring sites in India but it seems like none of the India netizens are supporting govt’s move of blocking the site. Slowly Indian govt is becoming more like Chinese govt but frankly telling you that govt is not capable of blocking these sites.

How to unblock the file sharing sites blocked in India

Unblocking these sites are not a big deal at all. All you need is some freeware tools that i discussed in some of my old posts where i told about using proxy, Using Tor, and other method of unblocking blocked sites. The simplest and best method is using ultrasurf.

I hope this post of mine have helped you. If you face any problem then feel free to comment.

Do not use co.cc domain name : Google banned all.co.cc domains

On 30th June 2011 Google Banned http://co.cc domain and it resulted all the subdomains got delisted from google search results. This was a very big loss for many bloggers who was depending on free domains from co.cc. All the hardwork done by the hardworking bloggers is lost now. This is one of the reason why you should not rely on free domain names and hostings.

co.cc banned

As we all know that co.cc names were badly used for spamming purpose and they were unable to work on this regard hence google was left with no choice than to penalize this domain. Now the people who were using co.cc service are left with no other option that to move to either paid domains or some other free subdomain service. But the worst part is that the entire work done for backlinking and other off site SEO works is lost with this move of google banning .co.cc domain.

Those who are on blogspot originally can very well use the blogspot subdomain and continue the the blogging but i suggest you to get a nice domain for you. You can get a domain name just for a dollar from godaddy.

Google Street View Project in Bangalore-India stopped by Bangalore Cops

Few days back i posted about google street view being launched in India as well and it was launched in Bangalore. But the journey of google street view in India seem to be haulted as it was stopped by Bangalore cops.

Google Street View

As we know that this project was aimed to provide a 360 degree view of all streets and places across the locations like Bangalore but police interrupted the project and stopped the google cars and tricycles to film the streets.

As per the police the Bangalore is a hub for it and defense establishments and very important places like ISRO and allowing such an extensive views all across the city can be misused by antisocial elements and terrorists.

Well, everything has got its own advantages and disadvantages. Just stopping google from filming streets will not stop or prevent terrorism neither its going to stop them doing so. So why to stop such a creative project? Just imagine if you have google street view of cities online then you may easily reach your destination without asking for help from anyone. Lets see what happens in future but if its completed then it would be awesome.

How To Get Services That Cost Over $100 For Only $4 !

Fourerr is a popular website where people post all sorts of jobs they are willing to do for $4.  Its premise is simple: after signing up, users post things they are willing to provide buyers – for $4 U.S, just as the website’s name suggests.  Buyers review the offers, find one that suits their needs, pay the provider and a $4 match is made.  Fourerr vendors get paid when they deliver the completed product or service to the buyer and the buyer marks the transaction as “complete.”  A commission is deducted and the balance is deposited into an account for the vendor where it can stay to buy the services of other Fourerr vendors, or it can be transferred to PayPal for deposit or withdrawal.

Fourerr is an inexpensive, fun way for vendors and buyers to find exactly what they want at a price anyone can afford.  The diversity and amount of products and services is staggering.  It is an online, virtual, global bazaar where everyone has a key role!  Where else can you purchase services for $4 that elsewhere cost over $100? Nowhere, only at www.fourerr.com.

Few invites left for Diaspora, the open source “Facebook killer”

Diaspora is a “privacy-aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open-source social network“. It’s a decentralized alternative to social network services like Facebook. Diaspora works by letting users set up their own server, like a hosted wordpress installation, to host content; pods can then interact to share status updates, photographs and other social data.

diaspora It’s your data and you ought to be controlling it. Diaspora is to allow participants to retain ownership of all the material they use on the site, and retain full control over how that information is shared. It categorizes the social connections into individual groups called Aspects, and the user can control which groups see which material.


Diaspora lets you sort your connections into groups called aspects. Unique to Diaspora, aspects ensure that your photos, stories and jokes are shared only with the people you intend.


You own your pictures, and you shouldn’t have to give that up just to share them. You maintain ownership of everything you share on Diaspora, giving you full control over how it’s distributed.


Diaspora makes sharing clean and easy – and this goes for privacy too. Inherently private, Diaspora doesn’t make you wade through pages of settings and options just to keep your profile secure.

In short it’s the social network which respects your privacy the most.

The Alpha version of Diaspora is out !

A few invites are left. Click on the following link to sign up for Diaspora

Diaspora invites

Is Airtel offering higher speed in its unlimited plan?

Today i was surfing net as usual when i was amazed to see my download speed. my plan is simple 512kbps unlimited plan and i normally get around 64kbps download speed but today i got 2mbps+ speed.  Check out the screenshot below

I couldnt believe it so i checked the speed on speedtest.net as well and i got the following result

I do not know how it happened but what i know is that i downloaded few movies in very less time because of this 😀

If anyone of you are facing the same then let me know :-). Thanks for spending time on my blog. keep visiting Techian for updates.