Google Music launched, now get legal streaming/downloads free from google

Google is back again with it’s new idea of google music. This time specially for the users of india.

Google has launched its online music service in India that enables users to search for legal music streams and downloads.

For its Indian music search service ( Google has partnered with, Saregama and Saavn. The three digital music providers, hold rights to hundreds of thousands of Indian tracks – ranging from old and new Bollywood hits to Indian classical music. The music search service currently indexes only Hindi songs.

URL ->

Thanks to Pratik, who share this in OUG.  I thinks this is not a new idea but still new in the sense it will be offering “legal” downloads and streaming so if you download any music from it’s results you are not doing anything wrong. good going :). Thanks for reading my post. If you like my blog please bookmark it.

Is Airtel offering higher speed in its unlimited plan?

Today i was surfing net as usual when i was amazed to see my download speed. my plan is simple 512kbps unlimited plan and i normally get around 64kbps download speed but today i got 2mbps+ speed.  Check out the screenshot below

I couldnt believe it so i checked the speed on as well and i got the following result

I do not know how it happened but what i know is that i downloaded few movies in very less time because of this 😀

If anyone of you are facing the same then let me know :-). Thanks for spending time on my blog. keep visiting Techian for updates.

get your .in domain name with hosting absolutely free for 1 year

This is a very good opportunity to start your own website specially if you are from India. Keepindiaonline is offering a free service for 1 year in which you can have your own website booked and hosted by them absolutely free

Please note:

  • The process is manual and you need to have a landline no in order to verify your domain.
  • The service is free for 1 year only
  • you cannot forward/transfer your domain
  • You have to host your website with them only.After that the renewal charge is 1750 Rs

They are offering the following extensions for free:

* .IN
* .CO.IN

This offer is valid till 30 Jan 2011 only so book now itself.

The website

So what are you waiting for? Get your fee domain name now, start your free website with a .in and domain name.

Staying Safe online. How to protect yourself from being hacked on internet

This post is originally written by my friend D3 from Pakistan who himself is a security expert and a very good penetration tester.

How not to get hacked

This thread is not to solve your hacked accounts/pcs. use paypal thread/help desk for it thanks

Given rising number of hacking cases i request members to share tips on how to stay safe. even basic noobs tips.

Sharing my advises first

1. Trust common sense and not your anti-virus. As a former keylogger and virus writer let me tell you that the basic requirement is to make it undetected by all anti-viruses; specially famous one.

Its not a difficult task for any virus writer to add his virus to exception list of AV and firewalls.

2. Use a dedicated fire-wall not default windows one. and dont relay on those bundled with aniti-viruses.

I suggest you to use Zone-alarm. And use custom settings. not “recommend” ones. Configure it such that it asks for every program and not decide for its own.

-> before granting access look up that file on net. does it actually needs access? e.g some notepad.exe has no bussiness accessing internet.
-> Make sure file is in right place. i.e if svchost is asking access.. its in windows\system32\ not any other folder like simple windows\

3. Look for suspicious programs on task manger. Always test them on virustotal. That why its distributed among other non-detecting AV too. and remember nod and KIS are not the only ones. sometimes even un-known AV give accurate results.

4. Dont always rely on task manager. Cross check with with “process explorer” (get from micorsoft’s site). its not difficult to hide process from task manger. You may also try the command line taskmanager

5. Look at startup programms. Thats means both which show at msconfig and those which dont. Look for unwanted entries there. Also look at services tab and disable any suspecious/not-needed one. when in doubt google its name:). Try closing explorer from task manger and then run it agian. Is it the only program loading? or something else also loads with it.

6. If you are looking for some crack then try warez-bb and download only from people who have v.i.p status or are well known posts. having 2-4k posts doesn’t means well known. always read replies and remember to scan on virustotal no matter what. and even after that run it on virtual machine.

7. If you use firefox always use master-password. and get no-script addon.

8. Use differnent passwords for differnet sites
9. Dont install scripts you dont trust. This goes for similies and quote scripts too. Same goes for add-ons and toolbars. They can easily have malware in them.

10. Keep checking your forgot password and secuirty questions. and always look at mail forwarding options.

11. You are only as strong as your weekest link. If your friend has your password and he gets hacked. You’ll go down too.

12. If you are going to play with fire be ready to get burned too. Meaning if you are trying keyloggers and bombers etc. chances of yourslef getting hacked go up a lot.

13. Protect your identity. Add only people you know. Keep seprate emails for work/bussiness and for rest of your stuff (orkut, chatting etc.)

For advace yours only:
14. Use wireshack to moniter your traffic.

1 Dollar Domain Registrations and a Free Unlimited Hosting offer

Thanks to Bhashi for sharing this stuff.

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Read all the newspapers from all across the globe at one place

Hello readers. Yesterday i was surfing net and came across a very good site so i though i should share it with all you people.

This site is in now way related to me or my friends and i am not spamming in any way at all. The site is good because it is 🙂 no particular reason.

The site is

currently it is offering a total of 6351 newspapers links so no need to search anywhere else. just surf thrrough this site and get what exactly you are looking for. If you know any other sites which is similar in nature then feel free to comment. Thanks for reading my post.

Recover your Gmail and Orkut accounts from Bom Sabado attack

orkut Exploiting cross-site scripting flaw on Orkut, “Bom Sabado” worm is spreading like a plague on Orkut. Bom Sabado means ““Good Saturday” in Portuguese. It sends “Bom Sabado ” scraps to your friends and automatically joins your profile on some adult communities. It’s a cookie stealing script in action.

Am I infected?

If you have seen “ Bom Sabado! “ scrap on orkut, on your scrapbook or your friends scrapbook, or seen this scrap on Gmail’s web interface, you are infected.

Don’t panic !

What should you do?

  • Clear your cookies and cache.
  • Change your Google account password immediately by visiting the following link and don’t login to Orkut till Google engineers fix this issue.




  • Change the security question too


  • Keep your Mobile phone no. updated for getting password reset code.
  • Don’t try to open Orkut or messages from Orkut by e-mail. (SMTP & POP users may view the message in plain text)
  • Stop visiting the scrapbooks of others till they fix this issue.
      How can you help to avoid its spreading?


    • Login to mobile version of Orkut from Opera Mobile and delete all “ Bom Sabado! “ scraps


    Pass this information to your friends. Stay tuned for further updates.


    UPDATE from Google:


    Hi all,

    This is to inform you all that we've contained the "Bom Sabado" virus and have identified the bug that allowed this and have fixed it.

    We're currently working on restoring the affected profiles.

    Thanks a ton to each of you who's made an effort to alert everyone else about this.

    WordPress 3.0 missing text editor/text formatting bar problem

    This is a very starge problem that i faced when i upgraded this blog to the latest 3.0 version. It had happened in past as well so i was not amazed to see that and the solution was somewhat already known to me so i didnt took much of time and effort that it took last time when i upgraded to version 2.7.


    When i upgraded to wordpress 3.0 this time the text formatting bar was missing. It looked like:

    This looked really pathetic as i didnt had any option to format my text posted here. So as i did last time, i tried intalling various plugins and finally FCKEditor plugin worked for me. After installing it it looked like:

    Simple yet working solution 🙂 . i hope the other people facing similar problem may try this method and see if it works for them Please reply if you face any problem. Thanks for reading my post.