How To Get Services That Cost Over $100 For Only $4 !

Fourerr is a popular website where people post all sorts of jobs they are willing to do for $4.  Its premise is simple: after signing up, users post things they are willing to provide buyers – for $4 U.S, just as the website’s name suggests.  Buyers review the offers, find one that suits their needs, pay the provider and a $4 match is made.  Fourerr vendors get paid when they deliver the completed product or service to the buyer and the buyer marks the transaction as “complete.”  A commission is deducted and the balance is deposited into an account for the vendor where it can stay to buy the services of other Fourerr vendors, or it can be transferred to PayPal for deposit or withdrawal.

Fourerr is an inexpensive, fun way for vendors and buyers to find exactly what they want at a price anyone can afford.  The diversity and amount of products and services is staggering.  It is an online, virtual, global bazaar where everyone has a key role!  Where else can you purchase services for $4 that elsewhere cost over $100? Nowhere, only at

New computational knowledge engine

www18. wolframalpha. com

Description is there in home page.


Go there and enter

integrate (x^2+x^3)dx (click the “show steps” to get a step by step solve)

or graph like
plot sin(x)+tan(x)

So if you want to finish your math assignments quickly to catch IPL matches this is a nice handy thing 🙂

The best thing is that all steps are shown as step by step solve.

Since steps are so beautifully shown they can be directly copy-pasted in any assignment

No problem like “step jumping”.

Everything does not have definite or finite results.
So their answers are symbolic, in higher mathematics most are symbolic so those calculators cannot give results.

This is actually based on mathematica which (along with maple or matlab ) are used by students in US and europe in mathmatics.

Their life is easier now you may also make you life easier ..

This was posted by my friend cpukid in OUG